Thursday, November 15, 2012

Clean Eating Herb & Goat Cheese Stuffed Burger

It is a fairly large statement to make but this might just be one of the BEST burgers I have ever had. These burgers we just so flavorful and moist I didn't want dinner to end! I got the inspiration for these burgers from Kevin over at Fit Men Cook. He is such a huge inspiration both in the gym and the kitchen. I love cheese, probably a little too much, and goat cheese is one of my favorites. This recipe is totally adaptable to what ever type of ground meat and herbs you'd like to use for your burger.

Here is the recipe rundown:

Makes 3 large or 4 medium burgers

1 lb ground meat of your choice ( I used extra lean ground beef)
3 cloves garlic- minced or through a garlic press
1 small or 1/2 of a medium onion diced
1/2 tsp paprika
1 tsp Trader Joes everyday seasoning (can be sub. with salt and pepper)
1/2 tsp mustard powder. 
Large handful of chopped fresh herbs (I used basil and chives just because it is what I had on hand)
3-4 tbs goat cheese
4 strips of uncured thick cut bacon
1 avocado
1 medium tomato
Field greens or lettuce
Whole wheat burger buns
Grill or frying pan

1. Preheat the grill. 

2. Combine meat, garlic, onion, spices, and herbs in a large bowl. Get down with it and use your hands!

3. Form patties with a whole in the middle. Put 1 tablespoon of goat cheese in each burger and fold the meat over the cheese and into nice round patties like this...

4. Put patties on the grill. Start bacon in a frying pan. Slice the avocado and tomato. Cook the burgers till the cheese starts to ooze out. 

5. Once your burger are done, slightly toast your whole wheat buns. Top with a burger a strip of bacon, avocado slices, tomato, field greens and organic ketchup.

Seriously this burger is to die for! I served it with a delicata squash puree and steamed broccoli. The recipe for my delicious delicata squash puree will be coming soon! This is dinner sure to please the whole family.



  1. Looks amaaazing. I just came across your blog after a google search, looking forward to trying out some of your recipes!

  2. Trying these out tonight!! They look DELICIOUS!!!

  3. Awesome recipe! Made it tonight for the 4th of July. I added chives and cilantro for the herbs and increased the garlic to six cloves. Minced up half a large jalapeno for a small kick. I did everything else as written and the burgers were delicious.

  4. Humble Heart Farms is a Goat Dairy and Creamery in Alabama. We are always looking for ways to use our natural goat cheese besides just on crackers. Thank you for presenting this recipe. We have put it on our Facebook page, Humble Heart Farms and gave you credit.