Saturday, May 25, 2013

Protein Packed Shakeology Lara Bars- Vegan & Gluten Free!

Over the last few months I have become obsessed with Lara bars! They are really the only "clean" snack bar, made with only fruit and nuts. So of course I had to try my hand at making my own! Now these are even better than Lara bars because they are packed with protein and all the other amazing ingredients in could call these Lara bars on crack- for lack of a better term ;)

There are SO many variations of these bars that could be made. You can use your favorite kind of nuts and dried fruit. In italics is what I used for my bars. Play around with this recipe (which is really just for ratios) and please share what flavor combos you come up with in the comments below!

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Vegan "Mac and Cheese"

No, I haven't gone vegan on least not yet ;)

Funny story- growing up I used to HATE mac and cheese. What was wrong with me?! I was missing out for the first 10 years of my life that's for sure. Once I discovered that mac and cheese was amazingly good I was hooked, Annie's white cheddar shells being my favorite! However since I have been clean eating mac and cheese has been missing from my life. Until now I hadn't found a good substitute.

When I came across this recipe on Jill Hanner's site I knew I had to try it. Mac and cheese without the guilt?! I'm IN. I was skeptical about the nutritional yeast actually tasting like cheese but let me tell you it is sooo good. You can find Nutritional Yeast at Whole Foods or in the organic section of most grocery stores.

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