Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Entrepreneur Inside of Me

Have you always known you were going to “be something” when you grew up?

I used to be envious of the people who just knew what they wanted to do with their life. For me the answer was not as clear, but looking back at it, the answer was there all along. There has always been an entrepreneur inside of me.

Meeting our amazing CEO- Carl Daikeler

If you had asked me when I was 4, I aspired to be a maid. Over the years it changed from actress to dancer, news anchor, detective and quite a few things in between. Although all of these career paths interested me a key element was missing- passion. 

I have always been an extremely self motivated and driven person. Once I set my mind to something I don’t let anything stop me. Like many young kids my entrepreneurial spirit started with neighborhood lemonade stands. By age 13 I had expanded into running concession stands at local soccer games. I loved to work, earn money, and all aspects of business. At the time I thought little of these early endeavors, however these were the building blocks to what has become a life long passion of mine. 

As a teen I wanted nothing more than a “real” job. Unfortunately not many people were open to hiring a 13 year old…so I began babysitting- triplets. This gave me a whole new appreciation for moms. I continued searching for a job hoping someone would hire me despite my young age. At 15 I was hired as a receptionist at a local hair salon. From that point on I have pretty much always been employed. Not because I needed a job per say- I wanted one. When I got my drivers license I had saved just enough to buy my first car in cash. I truly enjoyed going to work, whatever it may be, it gave me satisfaction. 

When I graduated high school I still had no idea what it was I wanted to do with my life. There had been a noticeable shift- I was less concerned with becoming a famous actress and more focused on doing something that would make a difference. I had little interest in a 9-5 job. Shortly after high school ended I was offered a management position at a large marketing research firm. This was a huge opportunity for someone my age and I decided to go for it. I felt like I was finally being recognized for my skills. 

I worked for the company for the 3 years before coming to the realization that this was not the path I was meant to be on. During this time period my health severely declined, I was extremely stressed, and lacked happiness. I got 2 weeks of paid vacation which allowed me to do my one love- travel. Only problem was this free spirit wants to travel much more than 2 weeks…this created conflict with my boss. It was at that point I decided to go back to school full time and pursue a degree that would give me more fulfillment and freedom. 

I moved to a new city to pursue my degree in environmental education. Why? I love the environment and nature. I want to be part of preserving it for the future generations to enjoy. It all stemmed back from my desire to make a difference. What I didn’t think through was the “real jobs” this major would get me. I quickly realized like with many career paths I would be starting at the bottom working my way up to do what I really wanted to do. I had gotten a taste for the corporate environment at my previous job. I had no doubt in my mind I could make it to the top, but I knew this wouldn’t really make me happy. Working to build someone else’s dream would never give me the ability to build my own. 

At the time when I started questioning going to school, I had been a Beachbody coach for about 6 months. In that period, I got in the best shape of my life, was helping others achieve their goals, making more money than I was as a full time employee, and most of all my passion had been ignited. Beachbody was meant to come into my life for many reasons. It has given me the tools to pursue the life of my dreams. 

I dropped out of school knowing it was not right for me. I have avoided saying “college dropout” for a long time. But now I am ready to own it!! College is not the only path to success- it is the path society has lead us to believe will make us successful…someday. I wasn’t ready to wait for someday. Find your passion and run with it- but don’t be confined by the walls society has built for us. College is great andI am not down playing the significance of education. I plan to go back to school for nutrition (my passion) but it is NOT the only way to get where you want in life. 

Making the choice to give up school and be an “entrepreneur” has to have been one of the most scary and liberating decisions I have made to date. I am at peace with myself and so happy that I took a risk. If you don’t take risks in life you will never reap the rewards. I now live what I like to call a life by design. I make my own hours, am free to travel when I want, and LOVE what I do for “work”. My Dad is a very wise and successful man. He always told me growing up “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”, till this day it resonates with me and truly feel I am on that path. 

Not everyone was made to be an entrepreneur- I think some people naturally just have it in them. If having a 9-5 job, stability, and security is what makes you happy there is nothing wrong with that. But if you have an entrepreneur inside of you chances are that sounds more like a death sentence. It is my goal to inspire others to follow their dreams, leave their fears behind and never settle. My journey has really just begun, keep following me and prepare to be amazed.

If you are looking for a CHANGE and want to learn more about what coaching can do for you check out my webinar HERE. Whatever it is YOU are passionate about follow your bliss. And if you haven’t discovered it yet- trust me it is out there, keep looking. 

What are you passionate about? Is there an entrepreneur inside of YOU? 


  1. I remember when your I want to be a maid period very well. You asked for a vacuum cleaner for your birthday. Very proud of you that you have been able to discover your passion and turn it into a rewarding career.

  2. I tell this to my students all the time because parents and school admins think the college path is for everyone. I work with students with disabilities and this just isn't always a reality nor should it be. People can and have become successful without going to college.

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