Thursday, February 5, 2015

My 21 Day Bikini Bootcamp!

2015 here...January has already passed us by.

And if your anything like me you are already dreaming about SUMMER!! 

When I started thinking about summer FAST approaching I realized it is time to get serious if I want to reach my goals. Superbowl is over (heartbreaking loss) and it is time to get back to business. 

Ok so you have goals right?! But how are you actually going to reach them. There are three KEY components to making your health and fitness goals reality. It comes down to simple recipe for success....You need a solid fitness plan, a well balanced easy to follow meal plan, and what I like to call the secret ingredient that pulls the entire "recipe" together and makes it magical...SUPPORT! 

Good news :). My 21 Day Bikini Bootcamp has YOU covered!!! I am so excited to share ALL the details with you. 

You are here because you want to take things to the next level! Whether you are just starting journey, getting back on track, struggling with eating clean, don't know what workouts to do or ready to take your results to a whole new level I have a custom program for YOU. If you have 5-10lbs to lose, give me 3 weeks of dedication and we will make that goal happen. Not only that we will make a lifestyle change. This 21 day bootcamp is not a quick fix! Although you will see results in a short period of time this is about so much more. No more dieting this is a lifestyle and I will help you make it habit. 

You will have either a beginner or extreme plan to follow. The beginner program will feature less intense workouts and allows for some treats on the meal plan (wine & chocolate). There is no shame starting at the beginning level and working your way up. I will go into more detail below so we can decide which plan would be best for YOU. 

So who is the EXTREME bikini bootcamp program for? 
1. People who want to feel confident for an upcoming event (vacation, wedding, photo shoot, etc).

2.  21 Day Fix graduates or people who have completed programs like P90X, Insanity Max30, T25, Turbofire, or other intense workouts etc.
3.  People who do not have a lot of weight to lose that are dedicated, committed to following the nutrition plan and have a no BS attitude.  There are no excuses, if you want the results its time to dig a little deeper and get them!
4.  People who don’t want to count calories or macros. It’s based on a SIMPLE and EASY to follow portion controlled container system that gives you a very specific list of foods and ways to prep and prepare your meals.
*Remember this is just the extreme option! Ask me for the beginner program if this sounds like too much for where you are at right now. Both programs will get killer results and picking the right one for YOU will set you up for success. *
Ok let's talk specifically about the meal plan. My motto is abs are made in the kitchen so getting this part RIGHT is key to your results. There is no such thing as outworking a bad diet. What I love about this plan is it is totally customizable to YOU and what foods you enjoy. So if you hate broccoli for your missing out because broccoli is delish...two you never have to eat in during the 21 days if you wish not to! It is all about putting whole foods together to create balanced healthy meals.

Here is an example of an approved breakfast. Seriously...LOOK at all that food!! Filling and satisfying breakfast. I also made a video to show you how I make one of my favorite bikini bootcamp dinners :). The meal I show you is approved on the beginner plan. Check out the video by visiting my Youtube channel

So what do you get when you purchase the program? 
Well the absolute best way to get this program that will give you the most bang for your buck and save a TON of money is with what is called a challenge pack. It comes with the 21 day Fix Extreme complete program which contains 7 workouts, the portion controlled containers, the nutrition guide, program manual, countdown to competition plan and a bonus DVD called the “CHALLENGE” which you only get when you order through me as your coach!  You also get free shipping and save at least 25% ordering this way, plus it’s on major sale this month. It also gives you access to the private online bootcamp I mentioned earlier that will help support you and teach you how to handle those temptations and cravings. 
The BEST part is that you are not on this journey alone.  I am here with you the entire way and will reserve your spot in my upcoming private Bikini Bootcamp. My goal is to make sure you get the absolute best results possible! I will be there to provide accountability, tips, recipes, and we will cheer each other on the whole way and help each other stay focused when life gets in the way! Accountability has TOTALLY been the secret sauce to AMAZING results for me!
The bootcamp I mentioned will start March 2nd (with a week of preparation starting Feb 23rd)! I will help you set realistic goals, teach you how to follow the meal plan and plan your week so that you can get the best results possibly. We will help each other daily so we can all get AMAZING results. If you are ready to change, I WILL help you succeed!

Why am I doing this program???  

I am going to Cancun in 2 months! I earned a FREE trip for two last year with Team Beachbody and I want to tone, tighten and feel amazing in my bathing suit and summer clothes!  I love the feeling of being confident in my own skin!  My goal is to just be in the best shape I can personally be.  I'm doing this to shed the winter fluff and be ready for the sun when it final decides to arrive!  It takes more than 1 month to reach your ultimate goals with your health and fitness....So I know that if I start now I will be at the goal when summer gets here. 
If you are ready to join my bikini bootcamp let's chat and decide which plan is best for YOU. Fill out the application below and I will save you a spot in my upcoming bikini bootcamp...first come, first serve! 

Bikini Bootcamp Application CLICK HERE!

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