Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Are YOU Team FitRevolution's next #GIRLBOSS?!

Have you been following my journey as a "Health & Fitness Coach" over the last two years?? 

Let's take a little walk down memory lane...

My life has totally changed since I took the leap of faith and started my coaching journey.

I have gone from an unhealthy college student suffering with PCOS who has NO passion for life to a fun loving #GIRLBOSS. I was following the motions of what I THOUGHT I needed to doing to be successful. Go to school, get my degree, and hopefully land my "dream" job. I was lost, depressed, and at the lowest point of my life. 

Then one day on Instagram I found Team Beachbody....I was at a plateau with my health & fitness and needed change. What originally drew me to Beachbody was the COMMUNITY. I saw a group of happy people who were positive and so supportive to each other. THAT was missing from my life! 

I met my amazing coach on IG and decided to join this community simply because I was a BROKE college student who needed the 25% coach discount. I had NO intention to grow a "business". I have no prior health & fitness experience, I am not a business guru. I am an average girl with a ton of passion and drive! That passion was IGNITED by this opportunity. When I learned I could take my passion for healthy living and turn it into something MORE, I ask myself "Why not ME?!".

Fast forward to the present day...I am a full time Beachbody coach. I am HAPPY & HEALTHY, my PCOS symptoms are managed with health and exercise (no longer on any medication), I get to make my own hours, I am paying off my debt instead of increasing it, do something I LOVE each and every day, help others reach their fullest potential and realize their dreams, and travel more than ever before. 

I truly feel like I am LIVING the dream. Time & financial freedom= PRICELESS.

I am so excited to announce I am looking for 5 NEW coaches to join my team and be mentored by me! I will teach you first hand HOW I have gone from a college drop out  to earning over 6 figures a year.

My life over the last two years has totally changed and if I can do it... Why not YOU? 
This is an exclusive opportunity to work with me one on one to build the life of your dreams. 

Apply if you want to:
- Be your own BOSS
- Make your own hours
- Work PT to build a FT income
- Inspire others while on your journey
- The ultimate accountability to stay on track
- Turn your passion for health & fitness into something more!
- TRAVEL more and even earn free vacations . 

You do NOT need to be a fitness professional, nutritionist, business expert, or in good shape! All that matters is you are committed to YOUR journey. You DO have to be willing to share your story and put in the work to make your dreams reality.

If this sounds like the change you have been needing in your life please apply here: 

Team FitRevolution Coach Application 

Fire your boss, do something you LOVE! Life is too short to spend it doing anything else  <3 . 

*Qualified applicants will be contacted, feel free to reach out to me via e-mail as well*

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