Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I'm Alive & Well....and Headed to Asia!

Why hello there!

It has been quite some time since I have written on this blog...you may have thought I fell off the face of the earth (unless you follow me on my other SM platforms lol) based on my lack of posts here. 

Good news is I am alive and well, and READY to break the silence...

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So why the lack of posts?!

My temporary absences from the online blogging world was no accident. I have been doing A LOT of  reflecting and thinking on the direction I want to go with my business and brand. My goal is to CREATE something that adds massive value to my readers and has a lasting impact on the world. 

So here is the scoop...

This blog started as "Kitchen Queen Eats Clean". I was known as the self proclaimed kitchen queen! The thing is my clean eating journey evolved into SO MUCH MORE. What started as a lifestyle change has turned into my entire LIFE. I have built a coaching business around doing something I love and sharing it with the world. 

Writing under the name Kitchen Queen didn't fit or feel like it was me anymore. Every time I came to post or share something of value with my readers, my words felt like they had no meaning and I was left feeling uninspired by my own brand. So obviously something had to change.

The time had come to rebrand which was a scary but necessary leap of faith. The Kitchen Queen is now just Lauren Kilisky aka me :). 

I felt like branding my name vs my blogger alias gives me the platform to start sharing so much MORE of my life beyond just food. I love food, clean eating and nutrition has changed my life but I promise I do more than just cook all day (although that would be fun!). 

I am so excited to get this blog back up and running! I have many projects in the works and more than anything I want to create tools and resources to help you navigate this journey of life and living it healthy and happy. So if there is something you would like to see more of, I am ALL ears! Feel free to comment below or inbox me. 

Now that I have broken the blogging silence I will be sharing a bit of what is to come...

What started as a dream is becoming our REALITY this fall. It is no secret Zach and I have our fair share of Wanderlust, that burning urge to travel, adventure and SEE the world with our own two eyes.  I have always dreamed of traveling through out Southeast Asia. That part of the world fascinates me, maybe because it is SO different?! 

When the opportunity to travel to SE Asia with a group of fellow digital nomads and working professionals fell into our laps we couldn't say no. More to come on HOW this all fell into place but for now here is the news:

Photo credit: Megan Kathleen Photography

October 3rd we leave for Southeast Asia for FOUR MONTHS!

I can't believe it is happening, that date is quickly approaching and my to-do list before we leave still feels miles long. Taking it one day at a time as always! The excitement is quickly building and it is SURREAL that in less than a month I will writing you all from Asia. Dream BIG, anything is fucking possible when you remove your mental limitations and put in the WORK. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise <3. 

Stay tuned for more...

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