A community for busy women who are finding their health & happiness! 

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Hey there gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with me in this virtual space. I am so excited to share a project I have been working on to better serve more women in this world. 

I was inspired to create The Wellness Co. after 4 years of 1 on 1 and group coaching. I realized something was missing for my clients (and honestly myself)...a community of women supporting each other in reaching their long term goals. I want to go beyond the health & fitness industry standard promise of lose Xlbs in 21 or 30 days, because numbers do NOT define your worth and I want to support you for life.

I created this community to bring women together, to empower and uplift each other in truly living while finding our health & happiness

What is The Wellness Co. all about?

This community is not about being "the biggest loser" or letting a number on the scale rule our lives. It is about loving our bodies from the inside out by eating what feels good and moving our bodies daily, because we can! That in itself is such a blessing and something I am grateful for every single day. 

Our focus is cultivating habits that serve our personal health and happiness, while breaking the habits that do not. And most importantly, mastering the MINDSET to reaching goals with soul (vs what society tells us). 

Who is this community for?

Women who are working on living a healthier and happier lifestyle. Our community is all about PROGRESS > perfection. If you are striving to be your personal best and are looking for some support from a positive community doing the same thing...this is a space for you. Our private community gives members a space to be both vulnerable and real on a daily basis. One rule: LOVE ONLY. 

Where is this private community?

The Wellness Co. is hosted in a private Facebook group. Only members of the community can see what you post in the group. Nothing you post will show up in your friends timeline (unless of course you invite them to join our community). 

So why Facebook?! I went back and forth on this...and ultimately decided that is where most people are! I don't want you to have to download another app, or log into another website. I want this to be easy and accessible! If you fall off track I want our community to remind you that you can always pick yourself back up again with little reminders in your newsfeed. 

How can I join The Wellness Co. ?!

The Wellness Co. is currently open to all women in the U.S & Canada (who are not working with another coach). The only requirement is a free Team Beachbody membership which makes me your coach AND gives you a 30 day trial to some of my favorite workouts all available streaming online. My gift to YOU simply for joining our community! I hope this becomes a movement we can all be a part of and I can't wait to watch our community continue to grow. 

If you have any questions or thoughts that is what I am here for! My number one goal this year is to serve you better as a coach. I would love to hear from you.


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